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Comedy in Philly is Back!!!!

This Friday, Jus Laughs Comedy Show is back…Starring Comedian Jackson and Ms. Darkchild!!! As always it’s hosted by Jemaine Jones and Reggie Conquest. Tickets are $10. This show, like all Jus Laughs shows are at Finnigans Wake located at 3rd and Spring Garden Sts. Show starts at 8pm. See you there.


How Eddie Murphy discovered Chris Rock (Animated Video)

This is a pretty funny animated documentary on how Chris Rock was discovered in a comedy club in NYC by Eddie Murphy. The original story was covered by Dylan Gadino for

Hardcore comedy nerds already know the story of how Eddie Murphy basically discovered Chris Rock, while the young comedian was working at the Comic Strip on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. But this stellar animation from TWIRI Sports brings new life to the tale– and exposes those to may not have heard the story to a truly inspiring reality.

Check out the video below:

Philly Comedy…Who To Watch…2013!!

A wonderful year in comedy has come to an end and it has me excited about the new year and what the hilariously funny comedians from the “215” will have in store for me this year. I’m looking forward to the growth of some of the young comedians as well as the continued maturity of some of our seasoned vets. Below is a list (In no particular order) of the comedians that I will be watching for in 2013. I suggest that you take notice.

Jamal Doman

Jamal is ripping up stages on the West Coast. After making the leap to follow his dreams in Cali., Jamal is making a pretty good name for himself. Fresh off a supporting role in the movie “Streets” starring Meek Mill, Jamal’s career is starting to take off. Keep an eye out for him. Here’s a clip from Jamal’s appearance on Martin Lawrence’s First Amendment Stand Up.

Dave Temple

Dave Temple’s subtle brand of comedy is starting to push its way to the forefront. Extremely funny and charismatic on stage and equally funny off stage, Dave has been performing all over the tri-state this year. Dave has one of the funniest sets that I was privileged to see this year. Check out a clip from Dave below.

Shanell Renee

A breathe of fresh air in the comedy world, there is only one way to describe this wonderful comedienne, silly! Just down right silly, but in the most positive way I can portray it. Shanell has wonderful energy on stage and that energy is relayed to her audiences. This year found Ms. Travis on almost every stage in Philadelphia and it only stands to get better from here on out. Enjoy some of Shanell’s work.

Derek Gaines

I’m a little biased on this one because he might be my personal favorite on the list. Extremely funny. That may be all that needs to be said. Watch out for this comedian, if you see him coming to your city, get the ticket while it’s still cheap. Check out Derek’s performance from Bill Bellamy’s “Who’s Got Jokes?”. I think you will notice the genius in his comedy.


The reigning “King of Comedy” for the city of Philadelphia. It wouldn’t be right if we weren’t keeping up with his marvelous career. TuRae continues to make moves on a grand scale, from The Atlantic City Comedy Festival to touring across the country with funny lady Sommore, TuRae continues to push forward and bring the audiences the funny every time he hits the stage. Check him out below.

Richie Redding

Richie Redding is one very energetic comedian. He hits the stage full of energy and never lets up. Blessed with a gift to entertain all audiences, Richie has been performing all across the country in 2012. The entire country is starting to find out about this special comedian. Check him out.

Clint Coley

Clint Coley has the best work ethic of any comedian I have seen this year. This guy has monthly shows in about three different states. That’s hustling! D.L. Hughley’s protege is fresh off his own one man comedy show “Stand and Deliver”, Clint is destined for great things in 2013.

Anthony Moore

The youngest comedian in the group, Anthony Moore has been at it for little more than a year. You would never be able to tell. An extremely witty young man, this stands out on stage. I’m guessing in a couple of years, Anthony Moore will be performing for much larger audiences. Check out Anthony Moore performing at the Legends of Comedy Comedy Show in Philadelphia.

Matt Black

Matt Black may be a comedic genius. He is a wonderful story teller as well as impressionist. On top of all that talent, he has good old fashioned jokes as well. Matt has the ability to do an entire show just off of his talent. Check out a clip of Matt below.

Topp Fliight

Topp may be the hardest working comedian in Philadelphia. This dude seems to be booked every night. If you seen him, then you already know. Topp Fliight will have you running around the room in laughter. If you haven’t seen him, he’s definitely on a stage near you, most likely right now! Check out this clip.

Chris Cotton


One of my personal favorites, Chris Cotton has been performing all throughout PA, NJ and NY. His brand of comedy will have you wanting to see him more often. Not only is Chris a rising stand-up comedian. Chris is a very talented writer and actor as well. He has produced several skits as well as acted in many and just like his shows, the skits are hilarious. Check out a clip of Chris below.

13 More To Watch

  1. Moses The Comic
  2. Kendrick Jones
  3. Hank Foley
  4. Conrad Roth
  5. Reggie Conquest
  6. Omar Scruggs
  7. Jonas
  8. Stax
  9. Oc Diesel
  10. Scooter Wilkerson
  11. Lawrence Killebrew
  12. Andre Johnson
  13. Mike Worm

Comedian Katt Williams allegedly leads police on a tricycle chase in Sacramento

Comedian Katt Williams is under investigation after allegedly leading Capitol Protection CHP officers on a hot pursuit chase in downtown Sacramento on Sunday, according to TMZ.

Williams was spotted driving down K Street when he almost hit five pedestrians on a tricycle. Officers are not amused by the incident, and this most recent escapade could land the comedian behind bars in a Sacramento jail cell.

Sacramento police were first called to the Hyatt hotel Sunday afternoon after a complaint was received that Williams was disturbing the peace. Police arrived and decided not to file charges at that point.

Later in the day, Williams went on to ride his motorized tricycle down the L Street sidewalk and when officers tried to pull him over, he turned down a section of K street closed to traffic.

The comedian just narrowly missed hitting pedestrians and continued down the blocked-off street. Around 10th and L street Williams reportedly stopped his bike, took off his helmet, turned around and yelled, “I’m not going to stop!”

Williams went on to drive down Capital Street at speeds up to 35 mph when CHP called off the pursuit for safety reasons. Williams now faces the possibility of felony evasion.

This particular incident comes as no surprise, as the comedian has been involved in a number of altercations recently.

Williams faces a lawsuit over a recent comedy show on November 16 in which the comedian reportedly, “confronted a heckler, took his clothes off, and attempted to fight at least three audience members,” according to the suit.

The show went on to end within ten minutes of it beginning. On November 15th, Williams made headlines for reportedly getting arrested in Oakland, California for his alleged involvement in a club fight.

Earlier in November, Williams was arrested and charged with burglary and criminal trespassing of a Georgia home, according to Coweta County Sheriff’s Office Major James Yarbrough.

Finally, on October 17th Williams was arrested for one of several gun violations he’s racked up, this one outside of Supper Club in Los Angeles earlier that morning.

Williams now faces jail time, multiple lawsuits and an image in serious need of rehabilitation.

FX Renews W. Kamau Bell and Russell Brand Shows for full 13-episode seasons

Over the last few years it’s become obvious that FX is not taking its comedy programming lightly. The network’s latest move only reinforces their strategy, as they’ve announced they’ll be renewing their late-night offerings Russell Brand’s Brand X and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. And that’s not all: Brand X will shift from its current 30-minute format to a full hour! Viewers will get a taste of that during the show’s current season finale, where Sarah Silverman and new age philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck join the comedian for an hour special.

“We’re proud to have two of the most strikingly original and funny voices in late night as part of the FX comedy lineup,” said FX’s EVP of Original Programming Nick Grad. “Russell’s irrepressible energy and unique style have made Brand X a daring show where anything can happen. Kamau is one of the sharpest, smartest and funniest comedians in the business. The New York Times called him ‘the most promising talent in political comedy in many years,’ and we couldn’t agree more.”

Yeah, and three years ago, we called Bell “one of our country’s most adept racial commentators with a blistering wit and a willingness to say what you quickly realize you’ve always thought.”

Both shows will enjoy 13 new episodes, with Brand returning Feb. 7 at 11:30 pm ET and Bell returning on Jan. 17 at 11 pm ET. Check out a clip from the last season’s Totally Biased with Kamau Bell.

Comedian Trev Houston stars on 2 Hit CBS Shows – “Blue Bloods” and “The Good Wife “

Up and coming New York City comedian Trev Houston is making big strides in his career off the stage. Trev, already known throught the east coast as a strong comedian, is now making a name for himself on the television screen. Appearing in two widely viewed series on CBS, “Blue Bloods” starring Tom Selleck and “The Good Wife” starring Julianna Margulies.

Trev has small parts in each show but the episode of Blue Bloods that Trev stars in, he is a key part of the episodes plot. Hopefully successful roles such as this will lead to many more roles in the near future. The surely hopes it does. If you want to keep up with Trev’s movement’s, follow him on twitter @TrevComedy or go to

Check out bothe episodes here:

Darryl Lenox turns pain into laughs on new stand-up special and album ‘Blind Ambition’ (Video)

By Dylan P. Gadino

One of the most important things a good comedian can do is turn personal pain into artful laughs. And few comedians do it better than Las Vegas-born Darryl Lenox. His latest project Blind Ambition proves to be an amazingly funny testament to that. The stand-up special, anchored by a series of stories and jokes centered around his severely impaired eyesight, premiered on Starz recently and will air again Nov. 26 at 3 pm ET. Filmed at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, it was also taped as a proper album, which was just released today through Stand Up! Records.

As you’ll see in the feature below, the veteran comedian is not into self-pity, nor is he about to dwell entirely on his visual shortcomings. Lenox’s comedy is as broad as it is wholly original. Check it out.


Lenox is on tour through December. For his schedule and for more info, check out

Superstorm Sandy Jokes? Too Soon?


The Comedy Cellar is located under and connected to the Olive Tree Cafe  in Manhattan

As I was scrolling through the internet (if that’s possible), looking at comedy articles on many sites, I came across a intersting article about Superstorm Sandy. Obviously this is the main topic in the news right now and for good reason. I figured I would read it, intrigued to find out how comedy figured into this tragedy.  The story was centered around the Comedy Cellar, a comedy club in Manhattan’s West Village. Like many homes and businesses in Lower Manahattan, the Comedy Cellar was without power for 3 days due to Sandy. This only stopped the funnies for  one day.

The owners brought in a backup generator at great cost, and started business back up. And so the jokes flowed, while everyone around them was in the dark, the comedy had begun. The comedians, one after, made jokes with Sandy as the main theme of the night. None of the comedians shyed away from the topic and the suprisingly large crowd, didn’t seem to mind the choice of humor. If the crowd likes it, then it’s a winner.  If you hav a couple of minutes check out the article.

The Pink Elephant In The Room – Comedian Earnings


Livia Scott - Comedienne

As I was looking over one of my favorirte websites It’s Always Funny In Philly, and I came across an interesting article. The author, Andrew Alexander was reviewing an article from the NewYork Times discussing how comedians earn a living from comedy. I have often wondered the same thing. It seems as though it is a hard existence. Shows  often offer little to no pay often on an inconsistent basis. For the lucky comedians who can live off of their earnings, they are usually EARNING their pay. Living in hotels, working in shady clubs, with equally as shady managers/owners and most importantly missing family time.

Obvisiously with increased pay for work comes more flexability in life, but often many comedians don’t make it to a comfortable level. You find many comedians will gain employment to make ends meet. This brings another dilemna, when you are making guaranteed money, it’s hard to ever give that up. This stifles the career of many aspiring and working comedians.

In my (non-expert) opinion, if you are going to aspire to a career in comedy, I would advise that any comedian with this goal start early. Once responsibilities pile up, it becomes harder to ditch them for the love of comedy. Find some people who truly believe in you and are willing to help your career in any way, even if that’s just a couch to stay on. And lastly, don’t limit yourself to one form of comedy. Be open to writing, acting, voice-overs, sketch comedy as well as your stand up routine, which always needs to be worked on. The world is filled with jokes, find the jokes and use them. Check out the article, it’s an eye opener.

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