Philly Comedy…Who To Watch…2013!!

A wonderful year in comedy has come to an end and it has me excited about the new year and what the hilariously funny comedians from the “215” will have in store for me this year. I’m looking forward to the growth of some of the young comedians as well as the continued maturity of some of our seasoned vets. Below is a list (In no particular order) of the comedians that I will be watching for in 2013. I suggest that you take notice.

Jamal Doman

Jamal is ripping up stages on the West Coast. After making the leap to follow his dreams in Cali., Jamal is making a pretty good name for himself. Fresh off a supporting role in the movie “Streets” starring Meek Mill, Jamal’s career is starting to take off. Keep an eye out for him. Here’s a clip from Jamal’s appearance on Martin Lawrence’s First Amendment Stand Up.

Dave Temple

Dave Temple’s subtle brand of comedy is starting to push its way to the forefront. Extremely funny and charismatic on stage and equally funny off stage, Dave has been performing all over the tri-state this year. Dave has one of the funniest sets that I was privileged to see this year. Check out a clip from Dave below.

Shanell Renee

A breathe of fresh air in the comedy world, there is only one way to describe this wonderful comedienne, silly! Just down right silly, but in the most positive way I can portray it. Shanell has wonderful energy on stage and that energy is relayed to her audiences. This year found Ms. Travis on almost every stage in Philadelphia and it only stands to get better from here on out. Enjoy some of Shanell’s work.

Derek Gaines

I’m a little biased on this one because he might be my personal favorite on the list. Extremely funny. That may be all that needs to be said. Watch out for this comedian, if you see him coming to your city, get the ticket while it’s still cheap. Check out Derek’s performance from Bill Bellamy’s “Who’s Got Jokes?”. I think you will notice the genius in his comedy.


The reigning “King of Comedy” for the city of Philadelphia. It wouldn’t be right if we weren’t keeping up with his marvelous career. TuRae continues to make moves on a grand scale, from The Atlantic City Comedy Festival to touring across the country with funny lady Sommore, TuRae continues to push forward and bring the audiences the funny every time he hits the stage. Check him out below.

Richie Redding

Richie Redding is one very energetic comedian. He hits the stage full of energy and never lets up. Blessed with a gift to entertain all audiences, Richie has been performing all across the country in 2012. The entire country is starting to find out about this special comedian. Check him out.

Clint Coley

Clint Coley has the best work ethic of any comedian I have seen this year. This guy has monthly shows in about three different states. That’s hustling! D.L. Hughley’s protege is fresh off his own one man comedy show “Stand and Deliver”, Clint is destined for great things in 2013.

Anthony Moore

The youngest comedian in the group, Anthony Moore has been at it for little more than a year. You would never be able to tell. An extremely witty young man, this stands out on stage. I’m guessing in a couple of years, Anthony Moore will be performing for much larger audiences. Check out Anthony Moore performing at the Legends of Comedy Comedy Show in Philadelphia.

Matt Black

Matt Black may be a comedic genius. He is a wonderful story teller as well as impressionist. On top of all that talent, he has good old fashioned jokes as well. Matt has the ability to do an entire show just off of his talent. Check out a clip of Matt below.

Topp Fliight

Topp may be the hardest working comedian in Philadelphia. This dude seems to be booked every night. If you seen him, then you already know. Topp Fliight will have you running around the room in laughter. If you haven’t seen him, he’s definitely on a stage near you, most likely right now! Check out this clip.

Chris Cotton


One of my personal favorites, Chris Cotton has been performing all throughout PA, NJ and NY. His brand of comedy will have you wanting to see him more often. Not only is Chris a rising stand-up comedian. Chris is a very talented writer and actor as well. He has produced several skits as well as acted in many and just like his shows, the skits are hilarious. Check out a clip of Chris below.

13 More To Watch

  1. Moses The Comic
  2. Kendrick Jones
  3. Hank Foley
  4. Conrad Roth
  5. Reggie Conquest
  6. Omar Scruggs
  7. Jonas
  8. Stax
  9. Oc Diesel
  10. Scooter Wilkerson
  11. Lawrence Killebrew
  12. Andre Johnson
  13. Mike Worm

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