Patrice O’Neal Benefit Will Include Bill Burr, Colin Quinn, Jim Norton, Dave Attell and More…


Today marks the one-year anniversary of comedian Patrice O’Neal’s death, so it’s appropriate, then, that a live show in honor of the man has been announced. On Feb. 19 at 8 pm at the New York City Center, comedians Colin Quinn, Jim Norton, Dave Attell, Bill Burr, Robert Kelly, Rich Vos, Keith Robinson, Ian Edwards, Wil Sylvince and Marina Franklin will join onstage to raise money for O’Neal’s mother and family.

Tickets, all of which are $75, are on sale now. You can order them here.

O’Neal had suffered a stroke in October of 2011 and died the next month. He was 41. The last time I spoke with Patrice was nine months before he died. It was for this interview about his stand-up special Elephant in the Room.If you can’t get to the benefit show in New York, please consider buying a few copies of O’Neal’s posthumous album Mr. P. and the newly-released digital single. All proceeds go to his family.


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